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TevaSHiP - Logistic and inventory Management Software

When it comes to managing and tracking a large volume and variety of products with ease and efficiency, no software has the experience that TevaSHiP can offer.

Oracle and MS SQL Server Technology

Test Fusion Systems has invested great resources into developing this robust and industrially hardened inventory and logistics management tool. At its core, TevaSHiP uses Oracle and MS SQL Server Technology to easily check items in and out, manage item locations, maintain physical inventory, generate custom reports and invoices, manage traffic, shipping, sales, rating, payroll and accounting.

TevaBiZ and TevaSHiP

TevaBiZ uses TevaSHiP, a leading inventory and logistics solution, to track inventory and ship the products to your customers. No geographic distance is too large and no order volume is too large for TevaBiZ to handle. Accelerate your business with TevaBiZ.

TevaSHiP Manages Product

Beyond the core functionality, its modular design allows many value added features such as wireless (RF) tracking, EDi, bar coding and sophisticated reporting.

TevaSHiP executes and fulfill a customer's full range of requirements, including just-in-time delivery in a quick-response environment.

The system was developed with EDi as an integral design component, not as an add-on module, enhancing its ability to streamline order entry, shipping and billing. View TevaSHiP modules.

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