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Test Fusion's mission is to provide advanced data collection, storage, and analysis solutions for effecctive industrial quality controls. It is our goal to establish, maintain, and improve our clients high quality products and systems.


Test Fusion sees quality control as the key to success for our customers who have established their presence in the industry. We want to help our customers build a reputation of providing consistantly high quality products that will have their customers coming back for more. This is accomplished by giving our customers the advanced software tools necessary to ensure only high quality products are produced and shipped.

Operators and managers have the instant ability to proactively isolate faults and continuously improve production processes by using intuitive graphical interfaces. All production and test data is stored and available for managers to analyze. This allows operators to observe exactly what is occuring in the production processes and what test results are producing in a real-time enviroment. Test Fusion believes the frontier of quality control lies in the ability to conduct 100% part tracking and capture test histories as well as make test information useful. This gives unprecidented strength to the quality of the product and inspires confidence in customers.

Just as the PC revolutionized the way we conduct tests, networking technology has allowed us to evolve testing by unifying test results and bringing together information and data to provide powerful knowledge. Our vision is to evolve testing in the manufacturing enviroment, whether it be in process testing or SPC testing, and give our customers a competitive edge and a reputation for producing high quality products. We want you to test, store, analyze, improve and succeed.