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:: Test Fusion Systems presents superior quality information, allowing you to track sucess and identify improvement areas.

:: We provide our customers with powerful tools to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace while continuously improving their products.

Operators and managers have the instant ability to proactively isolate faults and continuously improve production processes by using intuitive graphical interfaces. All production and test data is stored and available for managers to analyze. This allows operators to observe exactly what is occuring in the production processes and what test results are producing in a real-time enviroment. Test Fusion believes the frontier of quality control lies in the ability to conduct 100% part tracking and capture test histories as well as make test information useful. This gives unprecidented strength to the quality of the product and inspires confidence in customers.

::TevaBase - Manufacturing and Data Acquisition Sysems

::TevaBiz -E-Business Solutions

::TevaShip -Logistics and inventory Solutions

::TevaLearn -R&D and Educational Sysems

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Enhancing business and manufacturing processes is our strength, but, enhancing our community strengthens us.
We take pride in encourage our employees and customers to actively take part in excellent initiatives to help build our communities.

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Enroll in free education to help businesses enhance quality, business processes, and safety.

  • ISO 9000 Training Program
  • Manufacturing Systems Forum
  • WSIB First Aid Training

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