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TevaBase's Functionality

Test Fusion stores process and test data from various stations by selecting the part number you want to produce. It unifies the distributed production and testing stations, and gives you production status summaries, identifies re-work required, allows operators to input non conformance information, gives detailed test reports and the peace of mind that you are only shipping quality approved products. With Test Fusion’s advanced statistical tools, you can conduct rapid analysis on your production data and make necessary information available to all staff members who need it.

Collection and Storage Module:

Store and organize documents, manuals, reports, alarms, events, data points, and other sensitive information on a reliable and redundant platform with a high level of data security. Operates on Oracle, MS SQL Server and Linux based systems.

Search and Query Module:

Run advanced searches by a variety of fields such as failures, variables, attributes, part type, date, and more. Print reports for custom searches as well.

Production Module:

The production module shows production statistics for the current and last shift. Summary information is shown and updated automatically.

Display Module: (one part detail)

Detailed test and production results for an individual part are shown with this module. Results of all the tests conducted and any non conformances are indicated here. A chronological test history is also displayed for multiple test runs.

Shipping (Pass/Fail) Module:

This module interfaces with the machine testers and indicates to the operator whether the part passed or failed its tests and what rework needs to be done if necessary.

Real Time Charting Module:

Data points are put into context by building real time statistical control charts to identify and alert quality control staff to potential problems in production.

Chronological Part History Module:

Store multiple product test runs under a single product. Change testing criteria and range of acceptable test results without altering previous tests conducted on the same part.

Run Mode Selection Module:

Operator can define whether the machine is truly running a production run or if it is operating in test/maintenance mode so that only true production data captured.

Data Export Module:

Export test, production and quality data to any third party application that would benefit from complete production information. You can export data in .xls format.

Customized Report Module:

Create reporting templates in commonly used applications such as Word and Excel and have TevaBASE generate these reports based on information it has gathered on a regular basis or on an event driven basis.

Web Access Module:

Have real time production status updates, charts and searching capabilities available to you from any workstation via web access. This is an excellent way to share information and migrate to a paperless environment.

Testing Tools Interface Module:

Directly interface to your testing tools and equipment via data ports and maximize your testing efficiency. Collecting data directly from test equipment will guarantee accuracy of results and give you

PLC Interface Module:

Unlike basic software packages that rely on human input, TevaBASE interfaces directly with the PLC on the production and test lines and captures data instantaneously. TevaBase configures itself based on the way the production machines are setup to run. It can read what product is being manufactured, the machine settings and process data as well as test results!

Custom User Interface Module:

TevaBASE eliminates the need for clipboards and multiple checklists and datasheets. Custom forms are available for operators to input data and this data is captured, used, and made searchable, instead of filed away. Using forms that operators are used to makes the evolution to TevaBASE easy and reduces training time.

Wireless Alert Module:

Now that your production is being monitored, any anomalies or out of control processes can be instantly caught and communicated to Production Managers via email or wireless paging. Take corrective actions early to increase efficiency.

Machine Maintenance Module:

TevaBASE organizes and schedules preventative and reactive equipment maintenance. Parts lists, equipment manuals and maintenance records are all organized and available to operators.

Statistical Tools Module:

You can easily run advanced statistical analysis such as regression, percentiles, t-tests, correlations, confidence intervals as well as frequency distributions, crosstabs, chi-square, probability, ANOVA group analysis, and non-parametrics. It’s easy to use even if you are not a statistician. An interactive Scenario Designer simplifies creating and testing your process and test data.

100% Tracking Module:

TevaBASE tracks all of your parts right from the start of production. An operator easily selects the part type to be produced from a predefined list. As tests proceed, all test data is stored under the barcode or identification device (eg. serial number) that is used. These same barcodes can be scanned before shipping to ensure only parts that have passed are shipped. A list of test results can also be sent to end customers to inspire confidence and trust in the quality of the shipment being received.

Lot/Batch Tracking Module:

Parts that do not require individual part identification can be tracked on a batch or lot level. A box of parts can be identified to have 100% quality approved parts to provide a high level confidence in part quality.

Wireless Barcode Scanning Module:

Add an additional level of integrity to quality management by scanning parts before they are shipped. A detailed account of test history for that individual part will be retrieved as well as pass/fail status. Double checking a work order for quality has never been so easy.


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