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Our experience in designing and programming microcontroller systems allows up to provide you with our Software Inside product line of intelligent devices.

Industrial Vision System

A complete self-contained linear camera and image processor that provides testing for industrial measurement, process control, quality assurance, safety, and factory automation. The unit is easily setup with Windows software and only requires a computer during setup. Setup commands are simple so any PLC programmer can setup the unit. Specialized lighting is not required since the unit can operate in continuously variable lighting (sunlight to arc lamps) conditions without requiring adjustment. The power supply and PLC inputs/outputs handle reversed connections, short circuits, ESD, and over voltages. The diagram shows the camera scanning a part moving past on an assembly line. It is testing the presence and location of the holes in the part.

Consumer Entertainment Interface

The system sold by Joystick Scoring Ltd. is an add-on to existing equipment in bowling alleys throughout North America. It provides bowlers the ability to easily set any bowling pin combination or to correct pinsetter errors. Bowlers can practice difficult short or create jackpot games with the unit. Installation is quick and easy. The bowler presses the pins on the keypad to set their shot. The keypad works in conjunction with the contact closure pushbutton that resets all of the pins on the lane. There is no additional wiring or rewiring. Power and serial data is transmitted over the existing reset button wiring. The unit does not interfere with automatic or computer scoring systems and interfaces with a wide variety of bowling pinsetters. The keypad is mounted from under the counter for the bowler and the blue box interfaces with the bowling pinsetter.

OEM Keyboard Interface

The interface IC allows OEMs to add standard and inexpensive computer keyboards to their products easily. The IC handles all of the buffering and signaling requirements of the keyboard and provides formatted ASCII data on their serial bus. Works with any keyboard manufacturer and regular and mini DIN connectors. Provides direct connection to embedded microcontrollers or microprocessors.

Data Acquisition System

A self-contained DIN rail mount module provides high-speed signal conditioning, limits, peaks, and analysis for industrial measurement, process control, quality assurance, and factory automation. The connections and program setup have the same features as the Industrial Vision System. The unit maintains calibrations internally. Analog inputs will process linear and rotary potentiometers, load cells, static and dynamic torque sensors, low level signals, and DC voltages and currents. The gain is dynamically adjusted so the same unit can read low and high voltages at the full conversion resolution. Power supply voltages are 12V or 24V for automotive and industrial applications. The DAS module also provides high-speed closed loop feedback applications such as servo force control and motor speed/positioning.

An automotive parts manufacturer uses the DAS module to cycle a jack under simulated conditions matching jacking of an actual vehicle using a hydraulic cylinder. The system obtains load and torque vs. displacement characteristics from these tests. Characteristics measured while testing includes displacement, load, RPM, and torque. The instrumentation used to measure each of these properties includes a displacement potentiometer, load cell, inductive pickup, and torque transducer. The cylinder load is determined by a load curve based on displacement inside of the DAS module. The database table shown is from the large-scale data logging that stores multiple cycle test results directly to the database.