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Test Fusion Systems software has tested more than 1 million different parts these vehicles for our manufacturing clients.

We bring together our in-depth knowledge of successful business processes and advanced software design methodologies.

Test Fusion Systems provides superior part testing for world class models with a guarentee of reliability, quality, and fast service.

Building on the success and strength of our flagship product, TevaBASE, Test Fusion Systems has expanded its product portfolio to include Enterprise Resource Planning and provide the same robust and reliable software that customers have come to expect of us.

TevaBASE is a fully integrated enterprise quality management system that addresses quality assurance issues in specific areas of your manufacturing operations.


Lincoln Expedition

The stylists at Ford took a sensible approach when they set out to give shape to the Expedition. They already had two winners to their credit--the F-150 pickup and the Explorer. So they borrowed the best elements from each to create another success.

GMC Envoy

Where professional grade power and capability meet unexpected comfort and roominess.

  • Innovative engineering goes above and beyond

Lincoln Navigator

The beautiful Lincoln Navigator has been described by most automobile experts as having:

  • The most stunning interior
  • Masterpiece of leather, wood and satin nickel accents
  • Loaded with finger touch control