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TevaBiZ - E-Commerece and Web Catalogue Management Software

E-commerce is a marketing channel that should be embraced for the continued success of retailers and business oriented customers. in recent history, the success of retailers and business to business vendors has been in the strategic partnership of on lines sales and marketing facilities as well as physical storefronts.

Easy and Affordable

The ability for customers to research, compare, and purchase on line has necessitated virtual store fronts and internet presence to maintain mindshare.

Especially in the B2B environment, being on the short list of potential customers is of paramount importance to the success of your business.

TevaBiZ Manages Product

TevaBiZ doesn’t just let you sell online, but it aims to predict what your customer will buy next.

Keeping your customer satisfied and excited to purchase from you is the real measure of a successful E-commerce software tool. TevaBiZ manages product listings, pricing information, customer accounts, as well as demographic information, shipping information and more.

TevaBiZ makes it easy and affordable to publish online catalogues to educate customers as well as draw customers to your website and facilitate purchases from you.

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