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MYOBTM users have Payroll Tax Updates for 2018 available in your TargetUpdate subscription! Order Now

We are pleased to continue supporting both MYOBTM and the new AccountEdge version with updates for 2018 and beyond!

Thank you for making TargetUpdateTM the #1 supplier of MYOBTM updates in Canada.

We also thank our partners for choosing us to supply our update code to the most resellers in Canada!

MYOBTM Users, use TargetUpdateTM to stay on top of your business. With our new low rates and automatic updates, it is simple to get started today. Previous MYOBTM users switch back to MYOB and get updates and support.

Please call us if you have any questions, or click on Order button to begin our simple ordering process.

A Message from TargetUpdateTM:
We may not know each other yet, but we have something in common. Like us, are you:
  • Left out in the cold by a company that bought out your accounting software?
  • Forced into expensive software changes because you can get Canadian payroll updates?
  • Wondering about paying for new software training for you, your staff, and your customers?
  • Thinking about how your clients are going to react?
  • Scared to open the next email from your accounting software company?
That's why we are very pleased to introduce


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Don't be left out in the cold!

Maintain consistency, save money, and keep your standard software that already works.

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Who needs TargetUpdateTM?

  • Accountants
  • Consultants
  • Business Owners

We are providing the full 2018 updates.



Just an FYI for those people using MYOB. We used the Targetupdate for the payroll and the update went very smoothly. These people were excellent to deal with and we hope they continue for years to come.

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